dining room chairs

well… this blog is off to a slow start. maybe it’s good to pace myself.

my motivation in starting this blog was because of all the other blogs online. there’s so many people out there doing tons of cool diy projects. i really like doing diy projects too. and i thought this might be a motivation for that.

since i’ve taken a lot of time off from blogging, maybe it would be best to go back to some projects i put together while on hiatus. what shall we start with? something i already have pics of would probably be appropriate. we’ll start with my dining room table + chairs. i’ve always loved this project.

when i first moved to raleigh, i lived in a post-war ranch. the lady who had owned it, passed away, leaving it to her son. he piled most of the furniture in the basement and shed. when it came time to move out, i bought a bunch of items from the son. the table and chairs below are one of the items.

i really wanted to keep the set the way it was. i mean, come on, look at how cool it is? and quirky. unfortunately, the vinyl was splitting and the paint was flaking off. it just wasn’t going to work.

so after lots of sanding, cutting and stapling, i ended up with this:

IMG_2410 by westiegt

the chairs are a pewter color and the fabric is a table cloth from ikea (oh ikea hacks… my fav). i like how bright they are. and i had enough extra fabric to make matching curtains!

let’s see… do i have any tips? i started out with a wire brush to sand down the metal. worthless. just stick to sand paper and scuff it up. i was trying to remove all the paint. not necessary.

i can say that after 2 years or so, everything is holding up perfectly!


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