how long does it take to make a quilt?

in my case, i think it took a total of 2.5 years. yeah… that’s a long time. i know. but, for the record, there’s a grad school stint thrown in there.

when i first got my sewing machine, i was gung-ho about making a quilt. some of my first memories of sewing are my grandmother’s quilts. she made a quilt for each of her children when they got married and then continued the tradition with the grandchildren.

well, i’ve waited a little too long to get married and grandma’s not sewing quilts anymore. so, if i wanted a homemade quilt, i knew i had to make it on my own.

for those of you that know me, i’m not what you’d call a traditionalist or country or anything in that realm. i’m (almost) an architect. i like clean lines, bold colors and geometric prints. when i was scrounging around my local library, i came across this book:

while it says it’s for beginners, i’d debate that. without the glorious use of the interwebs, there’s no way i could have put the quilt together on my own. but i’m okay with it. i used the book for inspiration and a basic template of assembly. let youtube give me a play-by-play.

i sewed the baby quilt in the book. it’s a lot of white fabric with strips of pink. i looked for a screenshot of the pattern, but (amazingly enough) i can’t find an image online.

i never really decided who i was going to make this for. and i still don’t know if i’ll give it to anyone. it might just be a good quilt to curl up under when i don’t feel like turning the heat up – or when certain people turn the air conditioning up really high in the summer. it’s too small for a bed (made to be crib size).

quilt with trusty brother sewing machine. oh how i love you.

one thing i will mention about this quilt: i bought all of the fabric at joann’s. i’m not quite sure why. i don’t know if i was being too lazy to sort through scrap exchange bins or forgot. either way, this quilt was EXPENSIVE.

now, normal people probably wouldn’t think this is expensive. i think i spent $60 or so on all of the materials. but i’m cheap. really cheap.

i just don’t typically spend that much money on making something. especially something i have no real use for yet. oh well.

and want to hear something really funny? my future sister-in-law recently had a baby girl. the nursery was in yellow and green. and what did we do for her? bought her a quilt from a national retailer (granted she picked it out). hah.