IKEA hack: Besta Bench

i helped my then boyfriend – now husband pick out his place in atlanta. there are so many things that you look for in a place that it’s sometimes hard to decide what items are most important. upon permanently relocating down here, along with a truck’s worth of stuff, i discovered the good and bad of the place.

his place here has some great perks that my apartment in raleigh didn’t, such as a garage and nice carpet. i don’t want to even know how old the carpet was in my place.

one thing that it doesn’t have is storage. whenever they laid out my place in raleigh, they were super smart. there was 5 good size closets for a 2 bedroom apartment. pretty awesome huh?

not so much here in atl. not even a linen closet. and the owner did not install useful closet organizing systems. so we’re struggling with where to put all of this stuff and we’re not pack rats. in fact, we have very little compared to many.

so with that said, i’m trying to figure out any way to add more storage. here’s comes the IKEA “hack” – quotes because i didn’t really change the furniture at all. i took my BESTA tv stand and changed it into a bench. so what? well… it’s got two extra shelves to house all of those linens i have NO CLOSET for.


when i lived in raleigh, i got rid of my tv. it was pretty liberating, until you count the fact that i still have both netflix and hulu+, but whatevs. so, i’ve got this leftover tv stand… what to do? what to do?

ah yes…. definitely this.


  • staples – $3
  • fabric – $1.50
  • 2″ foam (or batt if you’d prefer) – $2

i used two layers of 1″ foam.

  • ceiling tile/plywood – $4

total cost: $10.50


  • staple gun
  • box cutter/xacto knife
  • scissors
  • tape measure


this was super duper easy. i got it all done in less than an hour.

helpful hints

  • if you have a Habitat for Humanity Restore near you, check it out. they have a lot of stuff, sometimes even the tools you’re looking for.
  • think outside of the box for your base. i originally was thinking plywood or osb, but when i saw a 2×4 ceiling tile, i realized it would be way easier to cut.
  • another shout out to Scrap Exchange – i got my foam there for way cheaper than it would be at the typical craft store.
  • the inspiration glued the batt to the board. i didn’t really need it, so i skipped that whole part.
  • when you’re stapling the fabric to the edges, work on opposite edges at the same time. this keeps the fabric aligned on both sides.


  1. measure your bench.
the base: ceiling tile!

2.  cut your base to the same size as the bench

3.  cut your foam to fit.

you can’t tell that these are separate pieces of foam with the fabric on

4.  measure your fabric. you want to at least 1-2″ on each side for stapling to the base. make sure to account for the 2″ height of the foam.

5.  cut the corners on a diagonal. this eliminates how much fabric is coming together at the corners. staple the corners first.

stapling the corners first helps with making the corners look neat.

6. staple the fabric along the edges.

you’re done!

the fabric is from IKEA. on sale!
side view showing the thickness of the bench.
matches the rest of the room pretty well, doesn't it?
matches the rest of the room pretty well, doesn’t it?

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