Super Cheap Table Runners

one thing i didn’t realize until i actually started participating in the whole wedding thing is how much it’s not just about the two of us. i mean – i knew. all of these people were going to be coming in town to join us. however, it’s totally different when it really happens. you’re overwhelmed with love, joy and excitement. and you’re so incredibly grateful for all of it -for time with people you don’t normally see – for time with the people you’re closest to – for a couple of private moments with your (future) spouse.

with that said – it’s all a huge whirlwind. it’s amazing to do all of this planning for a wedding, go through said wedding (in a blink of an eye, mind you), go on your honeymoon, then come straight back to reality. while it is incredibly exciting to start your real life with your spouse, it’s also so darn sad that it’s all over. i will never have all of those people in the same room again. i know that’s a terrible attitude, but it’s true.

luckily, i have amazing pictures commemorating the event. another thing that’s going to help me through this transition being able to talk about all of these wedding crafts. it’ll remind me of all the work that went into one day. it was a lot of work (and not just for me).

so without further ado, i bring my first wedding craft post: super cheap table runners. like the look of burlap, but don’t like the cost? here ya go.

table runners + mason jars = cute decor at a low cost


Cake Vintage Table Runner

as you can see – these table runners go for $34 for 50 ft. i would’ve needed at least 3 of these for (12) 72″ round tables. and i didn’t even like the silverware – at least for the wedding. it really didn’t go with the decor.


  • 24″ wide kraft paper roll – $33 for  1000′

yes, you see that correctly. i purchased a 1000′ roll of kraft paper off of amazon. i could’ve purchased less, but i know it’ll come in handy later.

  • bottles of acrylic paint – $3 for 4 bottles
  • sponge paint brushes – $1.50
  • plastic cup for paint – $0
  • newspaper/tarp/whatever – $0
  • tape measure – $0
  • rubber bands/paper clips – $0
  • stencil – $15-17

i used a Martha Stewart stencil i already had, so this cost me nothing. you can really use anything as a stencil. 

total cost – $53.50 (if you have pretty much none of the supplies listed above)


i’m not going to lie. this wasn’t quick. i think it took me 30-45 minutes for each table runner. i watched a lot of hulu+ and netflix while doing these runners.

helpful hints

  • test out your paint first. i thought i was going to use one color and ended up with another. it looks different on the brown vs. typical white paper.
  • let the paint dry to get a true sense of the color.
  • a little paint goes a long way. you really don’t need a lot to stencil. in fact, more will create bleed and make your stencils look messy.
  • if it does bleed a little on one or two, ignore it. no one’s going to notice at the wedding. they’re going to be looking at you two, or their dates, or the dinner and drinks. certainly not the slightly messed up stencil.
  • it’s better to have too long of a table runner than too short.
  • it’s better to have too many table runners than not enough.


  1. cut all of your table runners. for a 72″ table, i cut mine to be 100″ long – a little more than a foot on each side.
  2. find a long flat surface – dining room tables work really well.
  3. lay down newspaper to keep fiance from freaking out, thinking you’re going to ruin his dining room table.
  4. mark the spacing on your stencil.

in my case, i had to place two markings – two below the stencil, parallel to the edge of the plastic. when you flip the paper around, you’re going to have to stencil in the other direction and you’ll need a second set of measurements. see pic below.

there should be 4 marks – 2 marks along the “bottom” and 2 marks along the “top”

5.  start at one end – in a way where your stencil won’t overlap what you’ve already painted and stencil your way to the other end.

align the bottom two markings with the edge of the paper

6.  spin the paper around and stencil the other side.

7.  wait for it to dry (it might be already dry – the paint dries really fast).

8.  roll it up with the stencil facing out and use a rubber band or paper clip the top and bottom.

Close Up: Table Runners/Mason Jars
the final look: a close up



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