Match it up: Bookshelf Update

when you pictured the place that you’re living as an adult, you think of [insert your favorite furniture store here]. mine was a cross between crate + barrel and design within reach.

then you realize that life doesn’t really work like that. furniture is expensive. you have to hang onto the crappy furniture for much longer than you realized. case in point: laminated wood bookcase.

  • do we need extra storage? yes.
  • do we have a bookcase that works? yes.
  • should we buy a new one? no.

and that’s the end of my adult dream of a catalog-worthy place.


funny enough, my inspiration came from previous changes to the bookcase. when i first bought the bookcase, i knew i needed some color – so i painted the backing orange.

before: notice the painted back?
before: notice the painted back?


  • fabric
  • staples
  • tape


  • staple gun
  • ruler
  • scissors


super quick! it took me less than a half hour.

helpful hints

  • i thought about just painting the back, but it’s easier to match the rest of the decor with the same fabric!
  • you only need a piece of fabric that’s just a couple of inches larger than the backing.
  • i used staples instead of using the existing screws, but if you can use them if you prefer.
  • the tape is used to hold the fabric in place temporarily.


  1. measure and cut the fabric for the backing
  2. fold the fabric over the edges and secure it in place with tape.
i used electrical tape – it stuck to the backing well. the fabric? not so great.

3. staple the backing to the edges of the bookshelf.

you don’t need too many staples to hold the backing in place

done and done! pretty easy huh?

the fabric matches the bench!
gotta minimize the number of books to show off the fabric
the end!


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