i heart glitter: Repurposed Mason Jars

when we got married, i borrowed close to 100 mason jars from my coworker for our centerpieces.

you may be wondering how a guy could end up with all of those jars. so, here’s one of the secret benefits of living in a small city adjacent to large swaths of still rural areas. people have family farms. these mason jars were used by his grandmother for canning. crazy, huh? mason jars actually used for canning!

in the end, i cleaned them out and gave 95% of them back. let me tell you – that modpoge/food coloring combination really works out well. jars stay blue until you wash them and then the glue comes off easily. HOWEVER, when you have 100 jars, it still takes a while.

i had a hard time parting with all of them, though. so i asked to hang onto a couple – he was cool with it. they were just sitting on my sewing table – plain glass. then i got this inspiration:


these jars look cool no? and i heart glitter. who doesn’t?


  • spray paint $5
  • glitter $1.50
  • jars $FREE

total: $6.50

and to note – i did not use up any of the materials i bought. so add that spray paint and glitter to your craft drawer/closet/room. oh man.. craft room… drool.


  • mod podge

true crafters consider modpodge a tool

  • sponge paint brush
  • something to dump glitter all over, collect and return
  • dropcloth

helpful hints

  • those people over at Lilyshop weren’t kidding that these things are delicate. i dinged up my paint job before even putting the glitter on.
  • don’t even try to use painters tape or anything of the like to delineate where you want the modpodge/glitter to stop. it will rip off the spray paint. yes, i know from experience.    lilyshop mentioned it and i didn’t listen. oops.


i’m not even going to list the directions. follow theirs. they do a good job of explaining!

however, you always need to see how they actually come out in person. one set of photos is never enough.

finished jars – in place – holding a lot of stuff
see that center one? it already has a scratch. too lazy to fix it.
one of them is turned backward because i totally scuffed up the front. oops.

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