house post alert: why this house? no really. why?

anytime i’m posting about the house, i’m gonna just put that in the title. and then put it in a category too. i’m planning on giving the blog link to family/friends so that they can watch the comedy of errors… err… i mean great progress we’re making on the house.

so why did we buy this “charming” fixer upper? there’s really a lot of reasons:

  • my taste is different than most people. this means that a nicely fixed-up house typically doesn’t float my boat. i don’t like granite. i have severe hatred for garden tubs (never gonna get that square footage back…). and i’m really getting tired of this look. yes. it’s really pretty. and it looks like all of the other kitchens on the block. a fixer upper allows me to do EXACTLY WHAT I WANT (and what nick wants too).
  • we had a select list neighborhoods that we were willing to purchase in: poncey highland, virginia highlands, inman park, reynoldstown/cabbagetown. for those of you that don’t know atlanta – most of the neighborhoods listed are not cheap. for every 5 homes that were on the market in the area, 4 were outside of what we wanted to spend. this was in our price range and in one of those locations. beggars can’t be choosers.
  • speaking of beggars can’t be choosers – not only were there a limited number of houses on the market, but houses were under contract within 2-3 days of being listed. you just had to get in there and be aggressive (luckily(?) nick’s aggressive and i’m decisive). there were already 5 offers on the house when we put ours in. in reality, i didn’t think we would get it.

so six offers on six houses later, we beat out the competition. lucky for us, we are now officially homeowners of a house we can’t live in yet! talk about exciting.

another beeyoteeful shot of the front.
another beeyoteeful shot of the front.

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