house post alert: welcome to the neighborhood!

so, now that we’ve gone through how we ended up with the house that we did (luck!), let’s get to know the neighborhood. our new neighborhood is called poncey highland. it’s located a shortish 2 miles away from downtown and midtown atlanta.

when i first moved to atlanta, i was in one of the georgia tech dorms on the east side of campus. the building was less than a block away from north avenue. it’s crazy to realize that our new house is also less than a block away from north avenue – albeit several miles down the road.

but what’s so great about poncey highland? well, i think there’s a lot. but don’t take my word for it – check out the walkscore. poncey highland is the third most walkable neighborhood in atlanta with a score of 86. for those of you who know me, this is highly important. when i lived in raleigh, i’d go several days without driving my car. i’m still trying to do that here and living in a neighborhood like this will help.

one other reason we were so excited about the location was the proximity to the Beltline. there’s only one building between us and this wonderful little path. need to head to piedmont park? no problem. the beltline’s got a direct route for you. want to get down to inman park for dinner? don’t fight to find a parking space; just saunter your way down. want to get some exercise? head to the place where the paths are NEVER crowded.

the last part is a joke. all you people who live down here know what i’m talking about. the beltline has been wildly successful and is crowded at almost all times. ever been to the highline in nyc? well, it’s not really that bad, so i shouldn’t compare.

Atlanta Beltline

whenever i see renderings, whether is in architecture land or HGTV, i always chuckle a little and think hah. it’s never going to look like that. well, property brothers and this rendering of the beltline are working to prove me wrong. although there is no light rail in place, this is really close to what it looks like the 2-3 times a week i use it.




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