house post alert: what’s in the neighborhood?

so, in my previous i mentioned the whole walkscore. so, just because the walkscore is good doesn’t mean things that you like are close. so here’s a brief summary of what’s within walking distance:

5 min walk
5 minute walk from our place!

having the playground and community garden so close in fantastic. we walked over and looked at it recently and it’s flourishing. considering how little sunlight we get in our yard, having a plot there could be great! i finally get to grow some of my own food. yum.

10 min walk
10 minute walk from our place!

within a 10 minute walk, there’s an amazing amount of variety. two grocery stores? yes please. library? definitely going to use that. home depot? you saw the picture of the house. inman park restaurants? delicious.

and lastly, the ponce city market is coming very soon. 300k of retail space? that’s a lot of retail, restaurants, etc. all within walking distance. what’s not to like about the neighborhood?


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