house post alert: yard work

i mentioned in a previous post that the atlanta market was cray cray this spring. because of that, we needed to be competitive on our offer. that meant closing as quickly as possible.

if you’re rolling in a renovation loan with your mortgage, you typically need 60 days to close. that was too long for the seller. so we had to do a traditional mortgage and now we’re in the process of refinancing into a renovation loan + mortgage.

with that said, until we close again, we can’t start doing any interior renovation work on the house. it leaves us with our hands almost tied. however, they were able to wriggle free and start doing work on the yard.

if you know my husband, then you know that he might have a tendency to be slightly dramatic every once in a while. just a little. so, no surprise that we had a dramatic occurrence while we were clearing the yard.

here’s how it went… imagine me in the front yard, scooping wet, rotting leaves into bag after bag. in atlanta. in the middle of summer.

nick stalks out from the backyard (where he’s raking leaves, vines, etc.) and without any further announcement states “i’m 90% certain i’ve found human bones in our backyard.”

i sigh and say i’ll be there in a min. i tiredly ask him if they may be cat bones? the lady had a lot of cats. he shakes his head and heads back, slightly irritated that i don’t believe him.

i take a break and walk to the back yard. and he’s absolutely right. these are not cat bones. but human bones? i wasn’t really buying that either. i thought  that it might be a bone for a dog to chew on. nick emphatically disagreed with me, continuing to hold up one of the bones to his thigh for comparison.

and here are the infamous bones.
and here are the infamous bones.

by the time we finished yard work for the day, we didn’t come to a conclusion about what to do with them. so… nothing happened.

fast forward to the next weekend. we’re talking to our new neighbor and mention the bones. he does a great job of getting nick going again; however, he does make a good point that it doesn’t hurt to just call the police and let them decide what to do about it.

in the end, i’m glad we did.

an APD officer arrived at our house within 20 minutes of our call. we chatted with him and showed him the bones. he then told us how he likes the condo living. negates issues like this. thanks man. he also told us about how his own car was stolen once in atlanta. sigh.

after assessing our potential crime scene, he calls the Fulton County Medical Examiner. she arrives approximately 15 minutes after that.

she saunters out, takes one brief glance at our bones and states “definitely not human.” nick and i both breathe a big sigh of relief. what were the bones? beef she replied. so somehow we ended up with cow bones in our backyard. i’ll take them over human bones any day.

so why was i happy we called? well, besides the obvious fact that we found out for sure they weren’t human bones (nick – 90%, huh?), we also got to interact with the APD. our experience was great. everyone we talked to was courteous and friendly. no one made us feel stupid for calling and the response time was really quick for a non emergency. it definitely makes me feel comfortable to be in this area.


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