house post alert: chopping down trees!

so, we have a few trees in our yard…

just a few trees...
just a few trees…

one of the things suggested to us was to get an arborist out to look at them. you can’t have them actually do a test until you own the property. however, the visual inspection indicated that the biggest tree near our house might have to come down. and that sucker is big (see the one in the middle of the photo).

it is beautiful, isn't it?
it is beautiful, isn’t it?

we were definitely concerned – can you imagine what that huge tree would do to our little house? we’d really be starting from scratch.

luckily, the test came back with good news. we don’t have to take the tree down right now! there are some minor issues with it, but their recommendations, the tree only needs to be monitored every couple of years. now i have a large chunk of change to apply to different parts of the renovation. heh. shouldn’t be hard to spend that money.

on a separate note, we’re currently fostering my sister’s two cats. meatball (a.k.a. xena) has decided that the best place for her to sleep is between me and the back of my office chair. while uncomfortable, i am just too much of a sucker to move her. how can you resist a sleepy, snuggly kitty?


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