house post alert: missed opportunity of owning a laundromat

one of the ways we could’ve raised money for the house, was by starting a laundromat. why a laundromat, you ask?

well, when i lived in raleigh, i first bought a washer. then i tried to buy a dryer. my roommate had a friend who was trying to get rid of a washer and dryer. apparently he couldn’t sell them in enough time, so he sold me the set at the same price as i was going to pay for the dryer. so i had 2 washers and a dryer in raleigh.

nick needed to get a washer and dryer when he moved here. so, he too got a washer and dryer. then his dryer broke. and remained broken for 6 months. when i moved in, i fixed it, but found the capacity of his set to be lacking. on a separate note: how does one survive without a dryer in a townhome with no clothesline? i don’t know. maybe nick can guest post about that.

when we decided to move all of my stuff down, we just hauled down everything, including my washers and dryer. i planned on swapping my set in and selling his set. we had 5 washers and dryers in our one-car garage. i did have a picture of it, but it has since disappeared. it kind of looked like one of those low-budget appliance warehouses. at that point, we should’ve known that it was a start of a true business opportunity. alas, we were short sighted and sold 3 of them on craigslist.

two months later, we close on our new house (currently a duplex). and what comes with the house? oh yes, more washers and dryers.

just what we needed!
just what we needed!
it must be christmas! how did we get so lucky?
it must be christmas! how did we get so lucky?

yes, dear readers, nick and i could have been proud owners of 9 washers and dryers. definitely enough to start a laundromat, yes? if only we would have waited another month or so. as of right now, we only own 6. not quite enough to get that cash cow going. oh well.

anyone need a slightly used washer and/or dryer? i’ll give you a great discount.


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