house post alert: it’s ours! again!

it’s official. we closed on our renovation loan. the house, plus the renovation money is allllll ours.

happy nick! (it's really because i fed him homemade egg + cheese biscuits before this)
start of demo = happy nick! (it’s really because i fed him homemade egg + cheese biscuits before this)

to celebrate, we bought demo stuff and started ripping things off the walls! so what do you need to demo the interior of a house? here’s some of the most helpful items we purchased:

  1. 6 foot ladder: if you’ve got to take down 8 ceiling fans (there were even ones in the laundry rooms) and other light fixtures, a tall bucket doesn’t cut it.
  2. small flat bar: this is super handy for small items such as trim. plus it’s not too heavy to use all day.
  3. 2 foot wrecking bar: similar to the item above, but heavier duty. we used it to take up the entire tiled bathroom floor.
  4. sledge hammer: this beefcake is totally your sweetheart when it comes to taking out some cabinets. plus they’re just fun to swing.
  5. small sledge hammer: combined with the wrecking bar, you’re unstoppable. watch out – you’re getting demoed!
  6. regular hammers: although they seem a little dinky after picking up that sledgehammer, it can still pack a punch. and are much easier to swing all day for those of us with weak arms (not nick, of course. he has MAN arms. he can swing that sledgehammer all day without getting tired. be jealous ladies.)
  7. PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT: i’m yelling it because it’s super important. we’ve been wearing gloves, safety glasses and, when necessary, dust masks. i also wear jeans and long sleeves.

i didn’t really think about renovation shows and doing demo wrong until my friend Will Spence, AKA remover of bears, pointed it out. they start by bashing holes in the drywall. then it takes them triple the amount of time they expected to demo.

Will pointed out that you need to take a house apart in the opposite way it was put together. makes sense, right? so what have we started with?

  • light fixtures
  • electrical outlets
  • cabinets
  • trim

and what does it look like?

see the trim?
see the trim?
now you don't!
now you don’t!



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