house post alert: take care!

so remember when i wrote PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT loud and proud in my last post? let’s talk more about that.

so what do i wear out on site?

  1. jeans
  2. long sleeve shirt
  3. safety glasses
  4. gloves
  5. N95 dust mask
  6. running shoes

seems pretty safe right? you’d think. with an aching arm, i will warn you – it’s not.

it was getting towards the end of demo yesterday (i took the day off to work on the house), and i was finishing the removal of some trim. i took a step back at one point and BAM! nail right through the running shoe. i crossed my fingers and hoped it didn’t break skin.

no such luck…

so, after calling around – i found the local urgent care in my area. they got me pumped up with the Tdap vaccine and out the door in less than half an hour. not exactly the best way to spend my friday evening, but certainly better than the possibility of death.

so. running shoes are not safety wear.

and to provide you with a little eye candy, here’s some more pictures of demo!

bathroom: before
bathroom: before
bathroom: now
bathroom: now
kitchen: before
kitchen: before
kitchen: after
kitchen: after

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