house post alert: why i love craigslist

so, before we could start demo, we needed to get everything out. we posted a washer and dryer set on craigslist. and we ended unloading all of it. it took the guy three trips and 4-5 hours, but we unloaded:

  • 2 washers
  • 2 dryers
  • 2 ranges
  • 2 refrigerators
  • all of the window burglary bars
  • all of the closet hardware (and there was a lot of it)

i think he takes it and either uses the items for parts or recycles items for scrap metal. either way, he got a bunch of stuff for free and we didn’t have to pay to haul it away. i think it was a win-win situation.

that’s the thing about craigslist. you’ll always find someone to take something off your hands – as long as it’s the right price.


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