knitting pattern review: february lady sweater

anytime people see me knitting, their first question tends to be: did your grandmother teach you?

the answer is no. i randomly decided to start knitting on  my own. right after college, i was bored and thought it looked interesting. now, it’s great for when i’m flying. all of those times where you need to turn off your electronics during take-off and landing? no one’s stopping you from knitting.

why this pattern?

well, i saw this pattern and was immediately drawn to the subtle variation of the yarn. even better, the pattern is free. i thought: i have the perfect yarn for this!

the yarn came from argentina. this was back when i was really into knitting. i made nick go with me to the yarn stores in buenos aries. i can only imagine what he was thinking.



if i ever made this pattern again (which i probably won’t – there’s too many other things to make!), i’d go down a physical size or needle size. i made the 37.5 size and it turned out bigger than expected. did i swatch? heck no. so it’s my own fault.

in the end, it was an easy pattern to follow and i think it looks good! it ended up going to my friend Krista. she likes bring things and wears a lot of cardigans. i’m hoping that someday she’ll send me a cute photo of her wearing it (hint hint).

final product: front
final product: front
final product: buttons!
final product: buttons!
final product: back
final product: back

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