house post alert: unpleasant surprises


when doing a renovation you’re bound to come across interesting things in the walls. i found a military dog tag. we also found a slew of old razor blades. why are razor blades in the walls? apartment therapy explains.

we even found some old news papers from 1978 and old t-shirts. will spence was pretty excited about one of them, a kid-sized jerry jeff walker shirt. apparently he is a very big country singer in texas. if you’re down in austin or gruene, texas next march – make sure to check out his annual birthday bash.

however, we did encounter some unpleasant items in the walls.

nick really doesn’t like spiders or snakes – normal stuff, right? i won’t say that i love either of them; however, they don’t bother me so much. luckily we didn’t find any of those. however, we found something that i consider much worse.


my skin crawls just thinking about them. yuck yuck yuck.

we found four of them (that i know about) and luckily(?) they were very dead and had been that way for a long time – essentially mummified. i know that’s supposed to make me feel better, but nothing makes you feel good about finding a rat, let alone four, in your house. twice i encountered them when shoveling debris. i shrieked louder than i ever remember shrieking. then i’d go find nick to dispose of it.

considering i’m not too squeamish about much, i think nick found my reaction slightly baffling and probably a little bit entertaining.

for those of you who are thinking about putting your travel plans on hold, don’t worry. the way that we’re fixing up the house will eliminate the pest problem. rest assured – they’ll be gone. i wouldn’t live there otherwise.


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