house post alert: sprucing up the entrance

did you know that, on average, a front door purchase has a 100% return on investment?

neither did i.

so, of course, we’re replacing the front door. i thought about keeping it. it does have character, but it just doesn’t add enough light. and it also doesn’t open the right way. and it’s hanging crooked. here’s a nice reminder.

DSCN1340 (1198x1280)
it’s got character, but it’s not in the best condition

my contractor’s door and window guy looked into a door for us and came up with this. not so modern, huh? if it was almost any other house in the neighborhood, it’d work. not so much for a boxy, modern house.

so, i started looking into doors. and i found some great ones. but before i ordered anything, i needed to check measurements on the door.  most doors are 36″x80″. that size  is pretty easy to find and there’s a lot of choices. is our front door 36″x80″?

of course not. that’d be too easy.

so, i searched again. and i found very few doors that size. i finally stumbled upon the Doors 4 Home website. found a door in the right size! they also seemed to get good reviews. it’s still nerve wracking, though. you’re placing an order that can’t be returned. it’s a lot of money.

luckily, the company came through – and in a much shorter time frame than they quoted. in less than a month, i had a custom door delivered. so, Doors 4 Home, i’d recommend you for sure.

it’s not installed yet because we’re waiting on our other door (not the same company… and a whole different story), but at least you can see it.

DSCN1847 (1280x960)
needs to be painted, but is lookin’ good

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