house post alert: creating the northface jacket

we passed our framing, electrical and plumbing inspections!

so now we need the northface jacket. most of you are probably saying, huh? what the heck do you mean? well, think about it this way…

on a windy day, you want to wear a windbreaker, right? and a cold day you want to wear a sweater. on a cold windy day, you want to wear both. well, your house needs the same thing.

the envelope – the very outside layer of the house – needs to be sealed up. any cracks between the sheathing, the floor boards, anything like that, are like holes poked in the windbreaker.

DSCN1851 (1280x960)
wiring going into the basement. it’s all sealed up now. no holes in the windbreaker.

after everything is sealed up, ya gotta install insulation – a warm sweater for the house. in all walls, floors and ceilings between unconditioned and conditioned space, like the house and the attic. a lot of houses use batt insulation.

but we’re special. so very special. so we went with spray foam. it’s a combo of sealing and insulating. it’s more expensive, but it works really well in our situation and with how many cracks, gaps and seams there are in the framing and sheathing.

DSCN1888 (960x1280)
kitchen is all sprayed up!
DSCN1882 (960x1280)
it’s gonna be nice and cozy in the living room too.
DSCN1878 (1280x960)
same for the guest bedroom.

and what about the interior walls? well, the only time you need insulation for interior walls is when you want it to help dampen sound. otherwise, interior insulation is not necessary.


One thought on “house post alert: creating the northface jacket

  1. Love all the improvements! Can’t wait to see the finished product. Love the front door. Can’t wait to see it hung. Love all of you. 🙂

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