house post alert: painting

so, we’ve moved into the house – in fact, we moved in back in mid april. it was a hellish month. in fact, it wasn’t until this past weekend or so that i felt like the house wasn’t a disaster. needless to say, it’s been slow going. there are more posts to come regarding that.

for now, here’s the story of painting the house!

my father, expert painter, joined us for a weekend to paint. how did he get so lucky? we were supposed to get all of the priming completed beforehand. we were also supposed to paint the trim.

DSCN2052 (768x1024)
looking towards the back of the house

notice the supposed to.

yeah. that didn’t happen. we got through priming all of the trim and some priming of the walls. no painting of the trim. what did help us is that the wood floors weren’t finished – so no worrying about drips to clean up. my dad was a huge help. he knew what he was doing (or at least pretended to) and we didn’t. i thought the trip went really well overall and we got a lot done.

well, not everyone else was on the same page.  i later heard from a little birdie that my dad was frustrated that we didn’t get more done – and i was mostly to blame. apparently i like to dine too much. my plan of hitting some decent restaurants took away from the ability to get painting completed.

i’ll take that blame. i’m cool with it. i will, however, not take all of the blame.

DSCN2053 (768x1024)
veering off to the left

nick is going to get some as well. see the pieces of molding sitting in our living/dining room? nick painted those. good job nick.

too bad it took him an HOUR AND A HALF to paint them. nick is, quite possibly, the slowest painter on the planet. i should’ve known when he was being all methodical and perfectionist about the primer. yes, the primer that’s fully covered up by paint.

nick may very well have a different opinion and perhaps a redemption story when we got to lay down the final coat of paint. he doesn’t post on this blog, though, so we’ll see if you get to hear it.

DSCN2054 (768x1024)
then finally rotating back towards the front of the house

no pictures of the master bedroom yet. that’s for a different post. here’s pictures though of the second bedroom and bathroom paint colors. if you attended our wedding, you’ll notice the similar color schemes. yes, i based our walls on our wedding decor – the colors my mom originally scoffed at. then all of these stores embraced the same colors last spring/summer. i am just so stylish and trendy.

DSCN2079 (1024x768)
second bedroom accent wall
bathroom alcove that looks much less creepy in person
bathroom alcove that looks much less creepy in person

paint colors (is it bad i know these from memory?):

  • trim and cabinets – sherwin williams ice cube
  • main space – behr little dipper
  • master bedroom accent wall/front door – custom color
  • bathrooms/second bedroom accent wall – behr balmy seas
  • rest of second bedroom – behr ice cube





2 thoughts on “house post alert: painting

  1. I liked the restaurants we went to and enjoyed the food and company immensely. I just wanted to get as much done as possible so all y’all could move on to other things. Glad you are in and enjoying the place. Looks better and more stylish each time I visit. Nick is and artist when it comes to painting, you cannot hurry art.

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