house post alert: let there be light!

when i laid out the plans for the house, we didn’t want to waste precious window space on the bathrooms. first of all, they’re not very big. second of all, the windows are always awkwardly placed.

i recently went on a modern home tour with my friend, matt. and pretty much all of those houses had that problem. it would be a gorgeous bathroom with lots of natural light… but your neighbor could see you peeing or showering – basically being a creeper. look at this beautiful tub and say hi to your neighbors at the same time!

so, we did not put windows in the bathroom.

but  i still wanted to find a way to get natural light in there. welcome to the world of solar tubes, sometimes known as sun tunnels.

solatube example
image courtesy of lubbock skylight

you may be wondering, does it really bring in that much light? the answer is yes. and it’s a great quality light. so we installed one in each bathroom right above the shower/tub.

but, per the usual, there were challenges.

i planned on just getting the typical 10″ ones you can purchase at home depot. however, you’ll notice that it looks like it goes for a sloped roof. we don’t have a sloped roof. so, those easy-to-install kits were not gonna fly.

so, we ended up with 14″ commercial-grade tunnels, complete with a larger chunk of change out of our pockets. and then our contractor informed us that the installation was going to take even more out of our pockets – not a shock. i knew when glancing through the installation instructions that it was going to be an increase, but that doesn’t mean it felt good.

and there's light!
and there’s light!

it does actually look like there’s a light on in the bathroom. if there’s any light outside, even at sunrise, you really don’t need to turn a light on.

little bit better of a pic of the master shower
little bit better of a pic of the master shower – minus the blurriness
DSCN2081 (1024x768)
and the the guest bathroom – a noncreepy shower/bath awaits your visit!

when you (yes -you!) come to visit, you’ll get to enjoy some lovely daylight-lit showers and/or baths. what are you waiting for? maybe for kelly to move out? good news! that’s happening literally as i type! when she gets settled, i’ll take pictures of her new place – just renovated as well. or you can visit and see this all for yourselves.


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