house post alert: heating and cooling the rest of the world uses

with purchasing a duplex, you end up with two of everything. same can be said for our hvac system. we had two furnaces and air conditioners. the furnaces were fairly new, but both the air conditioner and ducts were pretty crappy. and the ducts went everywhere.

DSCN1249 (1024x768)
here a duct, there a duct, everywhere a duct duct!
DSCN1248 (1024x768)
watch your head!

so, we ripped it all out.

and then ended up going with something a little different… if you’ve been abroad, it’s the hvac systems you see everywhere else in the world. this video explains what we ended up with it.

we installed one outdoor unit and four indoor units. each unit has it’s own remote and can be set at a different temperature. it’s fantastic for those who may call for a little more air conditioning than others.

nick was a little worried about the look of the units. they do stand out more than the average duct.

DSCN2079 (1024x768)
guest bedroom!
DSCN2055 (768x1024)
DSCN2066 (768x1024)
master bedroom!

so, they do stick out, especially when there’s no furniture in there. just wait until you see the final results though – i think they don’t stand out nearly as much now. you’ll probably be waiting for a while, unless you make the trip down to ATL. you’ve seen how slow i’ve been moving through the house.

i really like the remote and being able to shut off certain units. we recently had about 20 people over. with turning all of the units on, the house maintained comfortable temperatures easily. also, no more ducts in the basement! it feels so much bigger down there. nick’s already planning his man cave. those are all of the good things.

the bad: weeeellllll, it’s not really bad, per se. basically, we haven’t figured out the remotes too well. it feels colder than what the temperature is set at. maybe it’s just because i’m always cold. or maybe it’s because i didn’t read the manual yet. something i always advocate for other people to do.

just a little light reading the next time i take a break and relax on the couch (ha!)


house post alert: gimme storage

the most important room in the house is absolutely the kitchen. nick would probably argue it more passionately than me. and i love to cook. love to cook. love. and nick? well nick loves to eat.

when i traveled to connecticut to visit nick’s childhood home kind of early in our relationship, i asked to look at pictures of him as a child. his mom was more than willing to pull out the family photos. so i got to see nick in the 80’s. the bowl haircuts. the olan mills backdrops. brother sister pictures. SO CUTE.

then we get to the casual shots. let’s see nick in action! or with his mouth stuffed with food. literally every picture. spaghetti, lasagna, yogurt (? his recollection… not mine). nick hasn’t met a food he doesn’t like, minus cilantro, and the childhood pictures documented it.

so, of course, we needed an awesome kitchen.

when i first thought about our new kitchen, i didn’t think too much about cabinets. i thought about countertops, appliances, paint colors, but cabinets were a little bit of an afterthought. especially because i was appalled by the cost. custom cabinets are expensive. like a very good chunk of anyone’s budget.

DSCN2056 (1024x768)
cabinets are in!

it’s a good thing that we like them. and i really really like them. they were worth splurging over ikea or a big box store. way worth it.

DSCN2057 (768x1024)
bam. new stove location.

we don’t have a lot of overhead cabinets because we kept all of the windows. despite that, i still have leftover space. it is AWESOME. i love storage. you’ll also notice that it’s drawers flanking the future stove. great idea. so much easier for storing pots and pans. highly recommend.

DSCN2060 (768x1024)
pantry? check!

at one point the cabinet guy, max, contacted me, concerned. he was all like… “the pantry is only going to be 10-12″ deep.”

my response, “and the problem is?”

any pantry is good pantry. and there’s no issues with reaching anything at that depth. i can get so much food in that sucker. it’s

DSCN2062 (768x1024)
so many future meals!

so, if you ever do a kitchen redo, SPEND THE CASH.  buy the pretty cabinets. it’s worth it.