house post alert: f’ing floors

so, that’s totally not our house, but it does lead me into our epic story about the floors. it was, by far, the worst experience we had with our house. i think this’ll be a two part series.

from the beginning, we wanted to keep the floors. they didn’t look good, but they were able to be refinished. i mean, look at this:

and this was BEFORE we painted

they’re pretty beat up. but look at them after sanding! so pretty!

just a slight difference

as you can see, there is a decent amount of variation, especially where new pieces have been patched in. as much as i like uniqueness, it’s gotta be in a good way. weird spots is not cool.

so our contractor suggested going dark. and i agreed.

but then there was one thing we didn’t quite align on – me selecting and seeing a sample before they stained the entire floor. my contractor seemed really surprised that i wanted to see a sample. if i hadn’t mentioned it to him, i think he would’ve just stained our floors whatever color he thought would be best.

um, i don’t think so.

so, once that was clarified, i stopped by the house to check out the stains.

the necessary samples

we ended up going with 50% ebony and 50% jacobean. same as what they used in the first picture.

so, here’s where it gets interesting. i picked out the stain color on tuesday. we were slated to move in friday afternoon/saturday morning. if that sounds like an unrealisticĀ timeline to you, you’d be right! next post will dive into why we wouldn’t recommend our flooring contractor, despite the fact we liked the final project.