Delish: 2 fer 1 Deal

As my husband has said, while shoving the last of dinner into his mouth, “I don’t believe in leftovers.”
I personally hate leftovers. Well, all leftovers except for pizza. I’m too cheap and don’t like wasting, so I eat ’em. But it doesn’t mean I like it. However, if it’s reinvented leftovers, it often becomes much more tolerable.
In this 2 fer 1 deal, you can do just that. You’ll end up with leftovers that can be easily transformed into a kind of entirely different meal. The first meal is date-night fancy. The second meal is put on yer E&D* pants and lounge in front of the TV while shoving food in your mouth.
Meal 1:
Pork tenderloin in white wine sauce (leaves enough to give each of you a glass before you open a second bottle because only one glass on date night? we’re not that boring yet, are we?)
Sauteed haricots verts (because why call them green beans on fancy date night?)
Your favorite recipe for mashed potatoes
Meal 2:
Shepherd’s pie (chop up the leftover pork, use the leftover sauce/gravy, use the leftover mashed potatoes, grab a bag of frozen veggies) I kind of used this recipe as a guide.
Your favorite salad and/or bread (anytime I write bread I think of Oprah)
*Eating & Drinking

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