Living/Dining Curtains: An Accidental DIY

I love all of these great tutorials on Pinterest that are all like “hey, you can SEW YOUR OWN CURTAINS!” and then they show you curtains in some superduper cute fabric. You’re all like “oh WOW. Those are so cute and that fabric is so effing amazing! I’m gonna do it! And since it’s DIY, it must save me a little bit of money, right?”
And then you find out that said cute fabric is either $12.99 per yard and you need, oh, approximately 12 yards or so for your windows and you realize that it’d cost more for you to make curtains that to GO BUY REALLY FANCY ONES. So you’re all like, “well, guess I’m back to the drawing board…”
And then you walk through Target and you find really cute curtains for $9.99 per panel. You chuckle at those poor saps sewing their curtains.
But then you go to hang them up and it’s like the curtains were meant to be hung on windows that are for babies or something and you hang them anyway because you’re impatient and the baby is only down for his nap for another 20 minutes.
We’ve all seen this picture on Pinterest. My curtains were “don’t” and they weren’t even touching the ground. Fail.
But it just looks tacky. So tacky. So who’s laughing now? Definitely the ladies who have perfect DIY curtains.
So then you have to go rouge and DIY it without a tutorial. Oh, the horror. But I did it and now they’re not tacky! I ended up grabbing some cheap solid red fabric from IKEA for $2.99 a yard. I think(?) I picked up 2 yards to add to the bottom of each of my panels.
Looks terrible from the back, but gives you an idea of how they’re constructed.
See? Can’t even tell

I made 4 panels – two for the living room and one for the dining room.

20161012_163247.jpg       20161012_163109.jpg

And aren’t we classy with a slightly bent living room curtain rod? Thank you, dear cat, for climbing the new curtains. At least he doesn’t chew up all of our phone cord chargers like other dear cat.



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