Recipe Review: Regrettable(?) Recipes (A 12-Step Program)

Step 1: One part of your brain goes “NOMNOM. I want a Snickers bar.”
Step 2: Anther part of your brain goes “Don’t you want to fit into your skinny jeans? That shit does not help. DON’T DO IT!”
Step 3: First part of your brain coyly replies “But don’t you remember that recipe on Pinterest? You’ve been meaning to test it out. It’ll be a good learning experience, it’ll be better for you because it’s homemade (and homemade is always better for you, right?) AND you can GIVE THE LEFTOVERS TO PEOPLE AT WORK! They love eating free food. It’s a win-win for EVERYONE. And who doesn’t love a win-win?”
Kryptonite? Source of all happiness? (Recipe from How Sweet Eats)
Step 4: Go purchase ingredients for said recipe because, of course, you don’t have everything on hand. Look smugly at said Snickers bar in checkout line and think, “You’re so inferior to the amazingness I’m going to make.”
Step 5: Purposely avoid looking at your receipt total for recipe ingredients.
Step 6: Make homemade Snickers. Eat half the pan because they are so damn delicious.
Step 7: Give tiny sample to husband. Listen to him rave. Pat yourself on the back for making something so good.
Step 8: Monitor his intake of Snickers bars because you’ve got to have the last bite. Sneakily finish them off when he’s not looking. Do not take any leftovers into work.
Step 9: Pull out skinny jeans. Put them away because you have no interest in resembling sausages or muffins.
Step 10: Realize that the money you spent on the recipe was 10x the amount of one Snickers bar.
Step 11: Curse Pinterest. Vow to stop trying new recipes. Take a break for a couple of weeks.
Step 12: Craving hits… and repeat.