Truly Delish: Sour Cream and Chive Scones

Mayo as stand-alone condiment slightly baffles me. Incorporated, it’s not as cray cray. Mayo in egg salad? I totally get it. Slathered on your sub sandwich or burger? No. Just. No. C’mon guys. It’s gross. It tastes liked unflavored creaminess. I like my creaminess flavored, like ice cream or milkshakes or chocolate mousse (I may be craving dessert right now…).

I guess that’s why I never got behind other things, like whipped cream or sour cream. In my mind, they really serve no purpose. In fact, I find they disguise the goodness of that pie hidden underneath. And why use sour cream on that baked potato when you have ranch dressing? ADD FLAVOR PEOPLE!

Anyway, sour cream entered our household this holiday season, obviously not of my own choosing. And after the potatoes were eaten, per the usual, there’s leftover sour cream. There’s always leftovers of this stuff.

And I feel very guilty for wasting it and any other food.

So, in walked these amazing biscuits from Baker by Nature, just cheerfully saying, “give me your leftover sour cream and your world will be a better place!” And I said, “okie dokie.”

The original recipe said 8-10. I think I cut mine a lot smaller and ended up with 12. Not disappointed in the slightest.

It makes sense that these biscuits are amazing because they follow my protocol of incorporating, not forcing sour cream to stand alone. When you too are left with a lonely, half-used container of sour cream, grab this recipe and get baking!

We’re pretending like it’s spring in our household.

To note: this recipe calls for fresh chives. I never have fresh chives because I haven’t figured out how to not kill plants yet and I’m too cheap to pay the $3.99 for tiny containers of fresh herbs. However, I have substituted dried chives and fresh green onions and had success with both.



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