salad spinner

i was skeptical, but i am now a convert.

nick’s dad got me a gift certificate to crate and barrel for christmas. i visited the store, researched online and hemmed/hawed for sixish months. there were several things i wanted, but didn’t need. i do a lot of cooking and baking. if i didn’t need it by now – will i ever really need it?

i decided to invest in four different things. all of which i have come to love. the first was obvious. a glass measuring cup. it’s big and perfect. i had killed my plastic one recently and new this was on the list.

the second one was a bowl – serving fork and spoon locks into the top. perfect.

and a pizza stone. i’ve been looking at these for a long long time. i still don’t understand why i didn’t ask for one as a gift long before this. i typically make my own dough and have pizza almost once a week. wise investment. used it for bread and pizza already. will never be without one again.

the last one is a salad spinner. again – very skeptical about this one. people seem to get these through bridal registries and never use them. i’ve also heard complaints. so, i was hesitant, but figured i didn’t have much to lose. since i get a lot of greens through my csa, if it worked, it would be a life-saver.

shhh… don’t tell anyone. i wasn’t very good about cleaning my greens before this. if there was dirt on them – of course. i’d wash it off. but if it looked really clean… well…

nick would be so appalled if he read this.

in my defense – i am almost positive majority of the greens are cleaned before landing in my box. in addition, they’re coming from an organic farm! no concerns regarding pesticides here.

well, i think it works fantastically. i think the key is to wash the greens, spin them and use them a couple of hours later. or the next day. it seems like they need a little time for all of the moisture to make it’s way to the outside of the bowl.

don’t you just love the juxtaposition of healthy greens next to a cookie cookbook? yum.